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Founded in 2001, Usher Group continues to develop dynamic new ideas and smart processes to transform Australia’s commercial painting industry, offering a complete range of painting and associated services to meet the often complex  needs of their customers.

The Challenge


The complexities of estimating labour and materials for construction and painting projects (big or small) can be extremely complex. The project team, composed of Usher Group and ITC, had to work meticulously to generate a feature release roadmap that was logical and achievable within the timeframe. Our goal was to  deliver a solution where large-scale fit out projects could be estimated in high detail and accuracy for a variety of materials and services, all customisable by it’s users. Currently in v5 Paint Projex has now become embedded in Usher Group’s staff’s daily operations.

The Solution


ITC worked extensively in the early phases of the project planning phase to create the blueprints for a   powerful quoting and materials calculations system which allowed for the capability of storing thousands of products, materials, customers, projects and users data. This industry leading platform can perform complex bill of materials and labour calculations to provide automated, large-scale, project quoting.

An open-source, JavaScript framework written in TypeScript, made by Google.

roadmap services

  • AWS Cloud Infrastructure
  • Angular App development
  • SaaS Type Modular Development
  • Custom CRM

The Outcome

Winning Results

The Projex platform provides the ability to define materials and labour rates for a range of construction projects, from: painting, rendering and fit outs to electrical services. The system is accessible to hundreds of users who can now  generate quick and easy quotes and estimations with pin-point accuracy. Usher Group continues to develop and improve the platform working closely with ITC  to come up with new ideas and features giving them the competitive edge in the Australian market.




hours reduced


Quote error reduction

Robert Loncar

    ITC has been key to bringing our vision to life due to their expertise in a wide range of technologies and app development, paired with a fundamental understanding of our needs by partnering with our operational team to ensure our business requirements become clear technological solutions. Over the past 3 years ITC has become embedded in our organisation providing a reliable technological arm so we can focus on doing what we do best and servicing our clients as efficiently as possible.

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